AOAD offers Design that is lean through ingenuity in planning, conscious materiality, beautiful form and emotion provoking and effortless spaces. Design that is socially relevant and adaptive to the natural and human fabric.A design that is people focussed. DESIGN IS LIFE

Architectural Design
Analysis and Preliminary Studies
  1. Analysis and Assessment of Client Requirements
  2. Field Investigations and Survey
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment / Site Condition Study
  4. Authority’s Requirement Study
  5. Programme Planning
  6. Volumetric Study and Zoning Layout
  7. Project Schedule Study
  8. Project Cost Study
Schematic Design
  1. Master Planning Study and Report
  2. Concept Design Study and Presentation
  3. Building Image Study
  4. Outline Specification
  5. Preliminary Cost Study
  6. M&E / Structure Concept Design
Design Development
  1. Development of the Owner’s Requirements
  2. Development of Architectural Design
  3. Exterior Facade Study
  4. Interior Design
  5. Development of M&E / Structure Design
  6. Cost Estimate
  7. Design Development Drawing and Presentation
Detail Design / Contract Documentation
  1. Architectural Detail Study and Drawings
  2. Material Selection and Preparation of Specifications
  3. Building Permit Submission
  4. Detailed Interior Design and Drawings
  5. Working Drawings and Documentation
  6. Detailed Cost Estimate
  7. Tender Evaluation and Recommendation
  1. Site Supervision
  2. Top Supervision
  3. Review and Approval of Shop Drawings
  4. Approval of Material Samples